Epiphone ES-175

The Epiphone ES-175 is a semi-hollow body electric guitar based on Gibson’s hugely popular ES-175. The Gibson ES-175 was originally launched in 1949 and became one of the most famous jazz guitars in history. It was the first Gibson to feature a Florentine cutaway, and was so named because it originally cost $175. Sixty years later it is still in production. It has been played by notable players such as Elvis’ guitarist Scotty Moore, and Steve Howe of Yes.

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The original Gibson ES-175 had a single P-90 pick-up, but by 1957 featured two humbuckers. The Epiphone ES-175 is a replica of the Gibson model. It has a pair of Alnico Classic humbuckers, a maple body with maple laminate top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard with split parallelogram inlays.

There are volume and tone pots for each pick-up, a Tune-o-matic bridge and lovely trapeze tailpiece. The chrome hardware looks fantastic against the vintage sunburst finish.

Reviews from people who have taken the plunge and bought one are very positive. On epinions.com, buffoonery said “The Epiphone ES-175 delivers serious tone and value for the money. And, if you swap out the pickups, for a total of $750 or so you will own a very fine instrument.”

And on Harmony Central, Jay Ingle enthused, “I’ve been playing for 41 years, Rock, Country, Blues, Bluesgrass, and now Jazz for the last 12 years. I’ve had one guitar that actually played better, a 62? Les Paul Custom, this axe plays next best.”

The current average overall rating on Harmony Central, from 9 reviews, is 9.4 out of ten.

This isn’t the guitar to go for if you primarily play rock or metal, obviously. But if you’re into playing jazz, blues, country or rockabilly it could be your new favourite guitar.

Check out the Epiphone ES-175 at Amazon.