The five best guitar teachers on YouTube (Guitar Lessons)

ouTube is a fantastic resource for guitar lessons. Not only are there dozens of highly-skilled guitar players demonstrating chords, lick, styles and songs. But some of the world’s best, and most well-known guitar players, some of them sadly no longer with us, are right there giving lessons.

So I thought that it would be great to put together a kind of video notebook of some of the best lessons I could find on there and keep it so that when I get some time (ha!) I can watch the videos and learn a few new tricks.

And if I’m building a list of great videos for myself, seems kinda logical that I should share it here. So, here are my five favourite all-star guitar lessons from some of the best players ever to pick-up an axe.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

The late, great Texas bluesman talks in detail about the blue that influenced him and the differences in style between the Chicago blues he grew up listening to and the British blues bands of the Sixties.

Eric Clapton

A long-haired, moustached Slowhand, filmed in the late sixties, talks about how he gets those amazing tones, and how he used the Wah Wah to such great effect. Playing a rather funky SG, too.


The leery grinned one explains how to play Velvet Revolver’s American Man.

Angus Young

Angus the legend unlocks the secrets of those classic AC/DC riffs.

Andy Summers

Has to be filed under dull, but worthy, this one. A pretty disinterested Andy Summers demonstrates some Police riffs while making it clear that that’s not what he does anymore.



  1. Danny Lehrman says:

    I use You Tube video lessons all the time. You stole a good story from me!
    It’s a great idea and it is free. The tv is a cool vibe to practice to. Theme songs and commercials.

  2. Danny Lehrman says:

    I love the article and the way you put it together, but you and I both know Jimi Hendrix was the greatest most emotive and effortless player ever. He most definitely should be numero uno.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Danny.

    You’re right, YouTube is a great resource. And the TV is a great tip. If I’d been compiling a list of the top five guitar players on YouTube, I would have almost certainly put Hendrix at No. 1.

    But the idea was to post videos of great guitarists actually giving lessons, hence the ‘teachers’ in the title. If I had found a video of Jimi giving a lesson on YouTube, I would have posted it at No. 1.

  4. Yeah YouTube is great, Im going to be uploading some videos from there to put on my site.

  5. Man, I’m really disappointed with this list. It’s nothing more than celebrity guitarists playing in front of the camera – there is not one actual LESSON in this lot!

    Completely worthless.

  6. I’m sorry you were disappointed in the videos. I guess your definition of lesson and mine differ. I would define lesson as something that teaches the viewer a new skill or provides them with information they didn’t already possess. I certainly learned a lot from Clapton talking about how he achieved that great tone, from Angus Young explaining his style, and from Slash explaining how he plays American Man.

  7. I think the best teacher on YouTube is Andrew Wasson from Creative Guitar Studio. His lessons are the most thorough and he explains stuff way better than any other guitar teacher on YouTube I’ve ever seen.

  8. Good post. I will be dealing with many of these issues as well.

  9. a few of my favorite youtube lessons…enjoy

    Anything by Doug Seven

    Danny Gatton = AWESOME – licks and tricks

    Joe Bonamasa – Rockin’ The Blues

    Master class with Greg Koch

    ‘Guitar Solos’ by Rik Emmett

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